Senate Democrats are making strategic moves toward placing limitations on the 2nd amendment.

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Mississippi Chronicles: Ashley Henley – The Pearl River Picayune


Mississippi Governor Bryant orders all flags to be flown at half-staff from noon on October 2nd, 2015 to sunset on October 5th, 2015.


Did You Know? 11 Facts for the Air Force’s 68th Birthday

September 17th – Constitution Day
September 18th – Birthday of the Air Force and the CIA

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Air Force photo Air Force photo

As the Air Force celebrates its 68th birthday, here’s 11 things you may not know about the youngest branch of America’s military.

1. Technically, Air Force One isn’t just one plane. The term Air Force One refers to any plane the commander in chief is traveling aboard. The White House currently has two customized Boeing 747-200B aircraft available specifically to transport the president.

2. The Air Force shares its birthday with the CIA. Both were founded on September 18, 1947.

Air Force photo Air Force photo

3. The Air Force Memorial is one of the sneakily great places to get a view of downtown Washington. It’s tucked between the Pentagon and a large shopping mall. Rarely crowded, visitors can stand below the three spires and get a panoramic view of our nation’s capital.

4. Battle-hardened weathermen? Check. A hat-tip to Mental Floss for this nugget in a June story about how the Air Force sends Special…

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Student Privacy & Parental Rights w/ Mark Finchem…:

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