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After The War Event | The Art of Future Warfare

My winning essay titled “Another Day of Infamy” is set to be released in the Atlantic Council’s anthology, War Stories from the Future, on November 12th, 2015.


Initiative 42: Beware the #CommonCore connection

Mississippi PEP

BY: B. Keith Plunkett | UCF Director of Policy and Communications

and Cheramie Bills | CMM Policy Advisor

A hot topic across Mississippi with regard to education for over three years now has been Common Core. Few people knew or understood the issue back in 2012 when members of the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition began looking into it. What followed was a debate that awakened the parents, teachers and taxpayers of this state to the threat from outside forces working in conjunction with government educationists at the Mississippi Department of Education.

Since that time, conservatives have led an assault on the Common Core standards. These new untested, unproven standards would take away local control of education and reduce the parents to that of spectators in the education of their own children.

Our efforts have worked.

Legislators who knew nothing about Common Core found themselves quickly educated to the dangers thanks…

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Mississippi House District 40 Map


General Election – Vote Tuesday, Nov. 3rd – DeSoto County, MS

Please Vote Henley for House District 40


Please Vote for Ashley Henley
House of Representatives District 40
Tuesday, November 3rd

James Madison Foundation

     For a teacher the financial aspect of earning a Master’s Degree can be daunting. However, where there is a will there is a way. For teachers seeking to further their education in the study of the Constitution, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Program provides a once in a lifetime opportunity. The application process is not easy. The fellowship program’s curriculum is difficult, to say these least, but the rewards exceed far beyond expectations. The rewards are not limited to simply having the financial capability to complete a Master’s Degree. The experiences garnered through the completion of the fellowship program instill in teachers an unending love of learning and teaching tomorrow’s leaders about our nation’s founders and the core principles that make our nation unique in the history of the world’s civilizations and truly a beacon of freedom and hope for people around the world. I encourage any teacher across our great nation to consider applying for the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Program.

Ashley Henley
Mississippi Fellow 2004

National Defense Bill under threat of veto by the President

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